Exterior steel cassette cladding system

Facade panels are a significant component of modern ventilated facades, which, in addition to providing an excellent visual effect, address thermal insulation challenges according to current high standards of insulation (mineral wool insulation is installed beneath the panels as part of the substructure). Compared to other facade finishing technologies, these panels ensure an aesthetic and durable appearance of the building for many years.

What are facade panels?

Facade panels are elements made of steel sheet that are used to create customized facade systems. Their use allows for the achievement of a unique decoration that perfectly matches the surrounding architecture. When implementing projects for facade systems, we prioritize minimalism. As a result, we can design:

Our projects stand out with a modern form, and after their completion, you will have building facades that are resistant to external factors such as rain, wind, and snow.

Why choose Kobex steel cassette cladding system?

By choosing our steel panel system, you are primarily opting for quality. These are modern finishing elements designed in accordance with the highest technological standards. We offer several types of steel facade panels that combine an elegant appearance, a durable steel structure, and reliability.

Kobex can carry out a comprehensive project of panels applied directly to the wall. This means reduced installation costs, installation reliability, and the ability to create facades in practically any shape. It’s worth noting that when implementing our project, we constantly consult with our clients. This ensures that the service we provide will be in line with their preferences.

Advantages of Kobex steel facade panels

At first glance, it’s clear that Kobex facade panels are a unique decoration that can create a beautifully presented steel external facade. However, their application goes beyond aesthetics. When realizing each of our projects, we also ensure that its final version is not only decorative but also functional.

The key benefits of our facade panels include:

By choosing Kobex to execute your project, you can be sure that it will be perfected in every way. We have years of experience in preparing individual decorative and architectural solutions. This is why we invite you to use our services.

Types of Kobex steel facade panels

We implement our projects considering various types of facade panels. This allows you to determine which solution will be most satisfying for you at the early design stage. We offer three types of panels, produced using high-quality steel and aluminum sheets:

Questions and answers about Kobex facade panels

Are steel panels covered with additional protective layers?

Yes, depending on the variant, different types of coatings are available, such as polyester coating, polyester powder coating, or a combination of both coatings. The thickness of each of them is precisely defined in the information files and folders provided by us. These layers are applied to both aluminum and steel plates.

How do you implement a panel facade project?

We use the latest CAD and CAM solutions to implement projects. This allows us to provide you with a visualization of the project immediately and make all the necessary adjustments with you to achieve a satisfactory result.

What does the installation of facade panels look like?

Facade panels are installed using specialized fasteners, ensuring their stable attachment to the wall and resistance to strong winds. High-quality materials with high load-bearing capacity and durability are used for the production of fasteners.

Can we see your previous projects?

The projects of Kobex design office can be found on our website, and their number is constantly growing. You can find our previous projects at this address. It’s worth noting that we undertake orders for clients from all over Poland.

Why invest in a steel panel facade?

Steel panel facades are modern and aesthetic solutions that allow for the creation of a unique and durable building facade. Thanks to various types of panels, you can tailor the facade to individual needs and preferences. Kobex facade panels are easy to install, resistant to weather conditions, and offer high-quality workmanship. If you’re looking for an innovative solution for your facade, consider using steel panels. An individual facade project with steel panels will undoubtedly meet your expectations!