Openwork steel frame hall design

KOBEX Design Office is a renowned architectural firm that specializes in the design of steel openwork frame halls. With years of experience and a commitment to high-quality services, KOBEX has gained recognition in the market. Let’s explore the key factors influencing the success of designing open steel structure halls.

What Are Openwork Steel Frame Halls?

Openwork halls are steel structures characterized by the use of portal frames. Internal elements of these structures, such as columns and rafters, are made of openwork steel I-beams. The portal frame is a fundamental structural element of pitched-roof production halls and hangars with large spans.

Advantages of Openwork Halls Design

Openwork steel halls offers numerous advantages. Firstly, the use of portal frames reduces the amount of structural steel required, resulting in a lighter overall construction. This enables the use of beams with lengths of up to 30 meters.

Another advantage of openwork halls is their attractive appearance. Perforated structures provide a sense of lightness to buildings while allowing for the easy passage of utility lines through openings along the roof and columns.

Research indicates that openwork I-beams possess a high load-carrying capacity, allowing for increased loading of the support system and the installation of additional hall equipment without changing the profile type.

Key Factors in Designing Openwork Steel Halls

Discover the most critical factors influencing the shape of openwork steel hall projects.

Customized openwork steel frame hall design

The foundation of successful openwork steel hall design lies in an individualized approach to the client’s needs. Each project is developed considering the client’s specific business requirements and demands. KOBEX Design Office strives to deliver solutions that meet client expectations.

Structural optimization

Another key factor in success is structural optimization. KOBEX Design Office employs modern tools and technologies to optimize openwork hall projects in terms of strength, load-bearing capacity, and cost-effectiveness. This ensures an optimal balance between construction weight and structural strength.

Safety of openwork steel frame hall

The safety of structural designs is of utmost importance. KOBEX Design Office focuses on ensuring that openwork hall projects meet the highest safety standards. Constructions are designed in compliance with norms and regulations related to the safety of steel structures.

Aesthetics and functionality of openwork steel frame hall

Aesthetic and functional considerations are paramount in designing openwork steel halls. Constructions are crafted to be not only durable and functional but also visually appealing. Through the use of perforations, openwork halls exhibit a sense of lightness and elegance.

Timely execution

Timely project completion is another critical success factor. KOBEX Design Office understands the significance of deadlines for clients. Therefore, the firm places emphasis on punctuality and precision in project execution, aiming to satisfy clients and deliver projects according to agreed-upon schedules.

Professionalism and experience

KOBEX Design Office is comprised of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and skills in designing openwork steel halls. Thanks to their expertise, the design firm can create halls that meet the highest quality standards and fulfill client needs.

Designing steel openwork halls at KOBEX Design Office

Designing is a complex process that takes into account numerous factors. Key success factors include customized design, structural optimization, safety considerations, aesthetics and functionality, timely execution, and professionalism and experience within the design team. KOBEX Design Office meets these requirements, delivering high-quality openwork hall projects that meet client expectations. If you are interested in the design of a steel openwork hall, please feel free to contact us!