Warehouse building design

Warehouse halls are almost an integral part of the logistics and production chain. On the one hand, they are used to store materials necessary to maintain production in a given company, and on the other hand, they are essential for storing manufactured goods before they are sent to the customer. Among other reasons, it is therefore worth taking a closer look at the characteristics of warehouse projects and how the construction process proceeds.

What influences the design of a warehouse building?

When it comes to the design and construction of warehouse halls, their intended use is the fundamental issue. The design of a warehouse should always be created with the individual needs of the client in mind. Knowing the purpose of warehouses and what the client’s needs are, one can determine:

And many other key factors in the context of designing warehouse halls. For this purpose, when preparing project documentation, it is necessary to collect as much information as possible from the client. An excellent example here can be checking the legal conditions of a given investment. Among other reasons, for these reasons, such projects should not be carried out hastily. This may mean that warehouse investments will require corrections during construction. This, in turn, means additional costs and delays in acceptance.

Designing steel structure warehouse buildings

Currently, one of the more popular solutions for warehouse investments are halls with a steel structure. They are characterized on the one hand by high resistance to various harmful factors, such as a great resistance to weather conditions.

Moreover, warehouse buildings are characterized by high stability, which allows them to be used for storing large quantities of goods, including those of relatively large weight, as exemplified by high-bay warehouses. Another advantage of steel constructions is the relatively short construction time. For this reason, among others, many companies opt for the design of a steel hall. Equally important, our company will take care of not only designing warehouses of this type of structure but also their construction, along with the social area intended for employees, or office space, as exemplified by a warehouse hall with an office.

Questions and Answers in the context of warehouse building design

What information do I need to provide to get an estimate for the comprehensive construction of a warehouse hall?

To obtain an estimate, information regarding the dimensions, purpose, location, equipment, social facilities, and the deadline for completion will be required.

Does the construction technology of a warehouse hall affect insurance?

The construction technology of a warehouse hall has a significant impact on insurance matters. Insurers pay special attention to the materials used in construction because factors such as fire resistance can significantly reduce the risk of damage. The use of non-flammable materials can contribute to lower insurance premiums, as they reduce the potential fire risk, which is an important element in risk assessment by the insurance company. Therefore, in the process of designing and selecting construction technology, it is worth considering those aspects that can influence not only the safety of the facility’s use but also its future operating costs, including insurance costs.

How long does it take to build a warehouse?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to answer to this question. There are many factors that can affect the construction time of a warehouse, such as waiting for the approval of its construction project by the building supervision authorities.

What is the cost of constructing a warehouse hall?

Unfortunately, there is also no unequivocal answer in this matter. A lot depends on its planned surface area or equipment, among other things. Only after collecting detailed information needed to prepare a project, can a detailed estimation of the construction costs of a warehouse hall be made.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a warehouse design

When selecting a warehouse design, we should be guided not only by functionality but also by the harmony between our needs and the possibilities offered by a given solution. A key aspect is tailoring the design to specific operational requirements. It is important to consider both standard warehouse schemes available on the market and the benefits of a custom-tailored design. The KOBEX design office, with its experience and flexibility, can prove to be an invaluable partner in creating a space that not only meets specific business requirements but also supports the optimization of warehouse processes, which is crucial in the dynamically changing world of logistics.

What are the possibilities regarding the design and customization of a warehouse hall to my specific needs?

At the KOBEX design office, we specialize in providing personalized solutions in warehouse hall design, which means that each project is precisely tailored to our clients’ requirements. Our services include comprehensive advice, starting from the initial planning stage, through design, to the construction realization.

What are the available structural options and materials used for the construction of a warehouse hall?

Our company primarily focuses on steel structure halls. As for structural options, they are individually determined at the stage of project preparation each time.

What are the safety and security standards used in the design of a warehouse hall?

Each warehouse hall design we prepare is done in compliance with the applicable fire regulations and the purpose of the given hall. As for legally unregulated security measures, they are determined individually during the design process.

Does the warehouse hall meet the requirements of building regulations and local regulations?

Yes, our specialists check each time to ensure that the warehouse hall meets the requirements of the local spatial development plan, among other things.

What are the possibilities concerning the installation of lighting, ventilation, and heating systems in the warehouse hall?

Ensuring the right installation infrastructure in a warehouse hall is crucial for operational efficiency, safety, and work comfort. At KOBEX, we offer advanced solutions for the design and installation of lighting, ventilation, and heating systems tailored to the individual needs of each warehouse facility.

Is the warehouse hall adapted for the use of heavy equipment, such as forklifts?

Yes, provided that this has been included in the design stage. An example would be large-area warehouse halls with reinforced structures, including for forklift traffic.

What are the options for the delivery and assembly of the warehouse hall? Can I use the services of a company that provides and assembles the hall?

Of course, our company offers both transportation and assembly of the warehouse hall.

Is it possible to expand or adapt the warehouse hall in the future if my needs change?

Yes, this is possible, but it must be considered at the design stage of the hall.

What are the available options for thermal and acoustic insulation in the warehouse hall?

Thermal insulation options are individually determined with the investor at the design stage of the hall, taking into account its purpose and normative and legal requirements.

Does the company that designs the warehouse hall also offer project management services and coordination of actions?

Specializing in the design of warehouse halls, KOBEX design office understands that the success of any construction project depends not only on a carefully prepared design but also on effective project management and coordination of actions at every stage of the investment. Therefore, we proudly offer comprehensive project management services that ensure the fluidity and coherence of the construction process, minimizing the risk of delays and increasing cost efficiency.

What are the guarantees concerning the quality and durability of the warehouse hall?

The guarantee of quality for the warehouse hall built by us includes our references and the appropriate certificates that authorize our company to build such facilities.