About us

At Kobex, we have been motivated by the desire to serve our customers better and better for more than 12 years. We operate in the domestic market as well as in other countries. We believe that architectural and structural design, broadly conceived, matters and that we can change the world through our work. We strive to create buildings that are not just objects by themselves, but catalyse positive change in the projects of our clients. Our design process is open, interactive and collaborative. We believe that good design does not have to be created by ego, but in a way that allows everyone to grow and develop. We take ownership of the success of our projects, which has provided us with an exceptionally high rate of recurring clients and positive relationships with our partners, whom we value highly.

Design office


We make every effort to build our image of a reliable business partner. Since the beginning of our business, we have strived to ensure that our cooperation with clients and partners is based on honesty. In line with this principle, every project and service has been developed with integrity.

Developed projects

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