Construction services

The design office is one of the 15 departments of KOBEX company, which currently employs over 170 people. Our clients can count on not only a reliable and timely structural design project but also production and precise installation in accordance with current building regulations.

KOBEX versatile services

At KOBEX, we focus on the comprehensiveness of our services, covering all stages of steel structure creation – from the initial sketch through production to the final assembly.

We are convinced that our approach gives our clients the assurance that they will receive a solid steel or reinforced concrete structure. Regardless of the size and scale of the project, we are ready to meet our clients’ expectations and guarantee their complete satisfaction with our services.

As experienced specialists in the construction industry, we are fully aware of how important it is to provide our clients not only with high-quality products but also professional installation. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that all our implementations meet the highest quality standards and comply with current regulations.

Steel structure production and installation

One of the key aspects we focus on when carrying out investments is reliable and timely production of steel structures. Thanks to our experience and advanced technologies, we can provide our clients with the highest quality products that fully meet their expectations. Our company has a modern production facility and a qualified team that ensures each structure is made in accordance with the highest standards. This way, our clients can be sure they will receive solid and durable products that will meet their needs for many years.

Another extremely important aspect we pay special attention to is the precise installation of steel structures in accordance with current building regulations. Regardless of how solid and durable a steel structure is, if it is not installed correctly, it can lead to serious problems in the future. Therefore, our team consists of qualified specialists who have not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience in the installation of steel structures. This allows us to guarantee our clients that each structure will be installed in accordance with the latest building regulations, ensuring their safety and peace of mind for many years.

Why choose KOBEX for your project?

We differ from other companies with our holistic approach to projects. We assure our clients that their investment is carried out with the utmost care for every detail – from the preliminary design to the final assembly. This way, our clients can count on the safety, durability, and aesthetics of their structures, which is why we are considered leaders in our industry.

Interested in our completed projects? Check out the realization section and see how we work:

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