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Need professional steel structure design services? Check out our offer! At KOBEX Design Office, we approach every project with passion and commitment, starting the process already at the preliminary consultation stage. Our aim is not just to comprehend the needs and requirements of our clients, but also to adjust to the functionality of the future facility and the preferences of its owner. We specialize in designing innovative steel and reinforced concrete structures, which are used in various industries and types of investments.

Design services at KOBEX

Our design services primarily include industrial halls, steel structures, and facilities adapted to the individual character of the investment. Thanks to the integration of the design process with production, we are able to significantly shorten the project realization time, which translates into faster achievement of our clients’ goals.

However, it’s important to note that our services extend beyond just steel halls. We also undertake projects involving reinforced concrete facilities, mixed constructions, and modern facades with cassettes. We believe that durability and aesthetics can go hand in hand, which is why our projects combine these two aspects.

Understanding current trends and ecological needs, we place great emphasis on designing environmentally friendly structures. Photovoltaic farms and other renewable energy sources are areas where we see great potential for development. Our projects include the latest technologies and solutions that contribute to sustainable development and ecology.

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What does the process of providing design services look like?

The design process at KOBEX Design Office begins with detailed consultations. Our team of experts carefully examines the client’s needs to formulate a plan for starting the investment that meets specific requirements. Already at this early stage, we outline a preliminary outline of the structure, which allows for efficient implementation and minimization of potential problems.

After accepting the preliminary project, we move to the stage of detailed design. This includes the precise development of the structure, selection of materials, as well as detailed plans and technical drawings. All projects are coordinated with the relevant regulatory and inspection bodies to ensure compliance with the applicable standards and regulations.

The last stage is preparing the project for implementation. This includes finalizing the project documentation, preparing the execution specifications, and support in the tender for contractors.

Why choose KOBEX design services?

What sets us apart from other design service providers?

Many years of experience and highly qualified specialists

We have many years of experience in the design industry and boast a team of highly qualified specialists. Thanks to this, we are able to meet even the most complex and demanding projects. We have extensive experience in the construction industry, which allows us to understand the unique needs of each project and adapt to them.

Comprehensive service

At KOBEX Design Office, we offer comprehensive service to our clients. Starting from preliminary consultations, through design, to the realization of the investment, we provide a full range of services. This allows us to be a partner at every stage of the project and guarantee its success.

Focus on modern and efficient solutions

In realizing a project, we always focus on innovative solutions. Our team of engineers and designers has the necessary skills and knowledge to design steel structures that are optimal in terms of strength, safety, and efficiency. A correct design not only ensures the durability and safety of the structure but also optimizes costs.

Individual approach to projects

We treat each project individually and adapt to the needs and requirements of our clients. Our work is based on cooperation and building relationships with our clients to provide them with solutions perfectly suited to their expectations. Our engineers and designers are open to suggestions and ideas from the client, while also offering their professional advice and knowledge. This way, the client has the opportunity to actively participate in the design process, and the final result is in line with their expectations.

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Choosing KOBEX Design Office, you gain a partner who is committed to the success of your project from the first consultations to its finalization. Our experience, combined with a passion for creating innovative and functional spaces, means we are able to meet even the most demanding projects. We invite you to contact us and start cooperation in creating more exceptional facilities.