Cold-Formed Steel framing structure design

KOBEX Design Office is an experienced company specializing in the design of steel halls. As part of its services, the Design Office offers the design of framing structure made of cold-formed sections. This innovative solution not only saves material but also provides favorable strength characteristics and an aesthetic appearance. We present the key factors that should be taken into account when designing CFS building.

Why opt for Cold-Formed Steel framing structures?

Today, there is a growing emphasis on minimizing material consumption in construction. In the case of Cold-Formed Steel framing structures, designers replace heavy hot-rolled sections with thin-walled cold-formed sections. This can reduce the weight of the structure, resulting in material savings and reduced costs related to transportation and assembly.

Another advantage of cold-formed halls is the ability to use various types of cladding, such as sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheets, or cassette facades. This gives designers greater flexibility in shaping the appearance of the building.

How are Cold-Formed Steel halls designed?

Designing steel halls from cold-formed sections requires consideration of several essential factors. Sections made from narrow and thin steel strips up to 6 mm thick have asymmetrical or monosymmetrical Class 4 cross-sections with limited load-bearing capacity. Therefore, the scope of designing objects depends on the section’s load-bearing capacity.

For higher halls or larger spans, section doubling is applied, increasing the section’s load-bearing capacity and facilitating the construction of nodes. The simplest load-bearing frames consist of two columns and a roof beam.

Advantages of Cold-Formed Steel framing structures

Designing Cold-Formed Steel framing buildings from cold-formed sections offers several benefits. Here are the most important ones:

Designing CFS buildings from cold-formed steel at KOBEX

Choosing CFS framing structure made from cold-formed sections is a sensible and beneficial solution in today’s construction industry. This innovative approach leads to material savings, reducing construction costs and positively impacting the environment through reduced resource consumption. With flexibility in design and attractive cladding options, these halls not only meet functional requirements but also have an aesthetic appeal.

KOBEX Design Office, with its experience and professionalism, is the perfect partner in realizing Cold-Formed Steel framing structures. Our company offers comprehensive design support, as well as advice and an individual approach to each client. If you need assistance or have questions about designing halls, do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can create innovative and efficient solutions that meet your expectations and needs. We can bring your ideas to life and provide you with a modern, durable, and cost-effective CFS frame building. Trust in our experience and contact us today!